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CHLinkCtrl v1.26

January 27, 2007
Just to let everyone know that v1.26 of CHLinkCtrl has been released. Updates for this version include:

  • Updated copyright details.
  • Class now by default sports a tooltip with the hyperlink text as its


  • Class now only shows the underline when the hyperlink is highlighted.
  • The "EnableLink" property has now been removed. Instead you can use the

    standard windows WS_DISABLED style. By also doing this, the code now no

    longer requires the disabled cursor resource.

  • Class now reverts to standard static control colors and style when


  • Removed code which loads up the IDC_HLINKCTRL_ENABLED_CURSOR cursor.

    This now means that the code has no dependency on any resources which you

    need to add to your project.

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