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SnapStream Schedule Plug-in for DigiGuide update

May 27, 2007

Following an email request from a reader of my web site who requested a copy of my updated version of the digiadd.aspx file which comes with the SnapStream Schedule Plug-in for DigiGuide, I went looking for the file as I had not used Beyond TV for a while myself, but I could not find my modified version as I had upgraded to v4.6 of Beyond TV a while back and it looked like the file had got lost as part of the upgrade. I could not find a copy on any of my other machines either, so I put it on my to do list to revisit at some later stage. Over the last few weeks, I have been getting back to using Beyond TV and DigiGuide more and I decided to fix this. I started by reviewing the original digiadd.aspx file which comes with the Plug-in but it is written in VB.NET and the syntax is foreign enough to me to make updating it too hard. What I instead decided to do was rewrite the page from scratch using C#. I’ve now got recording working again from DigiGuide on my main machine to my BTV machine upstairs. Perhaps at some stage I might write my own replacement plug-in to make the HTTP request directly from the plug-in using Wininet rather than shelling out to a temporary HTTP page. That way you would be able to provide better control and configuration but for now, I’m happy enough to have this nice functionality back and working.

For more information on this and to download the updated file, please see my RedRat Tuner for Beyond TV page at http://www.naughter.com/redrattuner.html.

Finally, for more information about integrating with Beyond TV, check out http://code.snapstream.com/ which includes details on their various SDKs.

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