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CTrayNotifyIcon v1.58

June 15, 2007

Just to let everyone know that v1.58 of CTrayNotifyIcon has been released. Updates for this version include:

  • Updated copyright messages.
  • If the code detects that MFC is not included in the project, the code uses the standard preprocessor define "_CSTRING_NS" to declare the string class to use rather than explicitly using WTL::CString. Thanks to Krzysztof Suszka for reporting this issue.
  • Updated sample app to compile cleanly on VC 2005.
  • Addition of a "BOOL bShow" to all the Create methods. This allows you to create an icon without actually showing it. This avoids the flicker which previously occurred if you created the icon and then immediately hid the icon. Thanks to Krzysztof Suszka for providing this suggestion.
  • Demo app now initially creates the first icon as hidden for demonstration purposes.
  • Added support for NIIF_LARGE_ICON. This Vista only feature allows you to create a large balloon icon.
  • Added support for NIF_REALTIME. This Vista only flag allows you to specify not to bother showing the balloon if it is delayed due to the presence of an existing balloon.
  • Added support for NOTIFYICONDATA::hBalloonIcon. This Vista only feature allows you to create a user specified balloon icon which is different to the actual tray icon.
  • LoadIconResource method now includes support for loading large icons and has been renamed to simply LoadIcon. Also two overridden versions of this method have been provided which allow the hInstance resource ID to be specified to load the icon from.
  • Reworked the internal code to CTrayNotifyIcon which detects the shell version.
  • Updated the tray icon text in the demo app to better demonstrate the features of the class.
  • Updated the WTL sample to be consistent with the MFC sample code
  • Updated comments in documentation about usage of the Platform SDK.
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