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Broadband Update

September 5, 2007

Just today I got a new broadband connection via Wireless. The company is a small local company called Alpha Broadband located in Courtown Harbour which is just 10 KM north from my location. I have been talking to the manager of the local Wind farm on and off for the last year about using their meteorological mast to install a Wireless Access Point for the local area and finally this week, it is now installed and up and running. For €75 a month I get a 3Mbps downstream / 512 kbps upstream package. Due to the fact that the access point at the wind farm is not too high up on the mast as well as the fact that there are some intervening trees between my location and the access point, the installer had some initial difficulties getting a reliable connection going. But once he raised the unit high enough on the TV pole on my house’s gable end, the connection started to come in loud and clear. Alpha Telecom terminate the connection using a standard Ethernet connection, which the average user will just plug into their computer’s network port. I purchased a Linksys RV042 Router to provide the firewalling and NAT for the computers on my LAN. If you live between Ballygarrett and Kilmuckridge and currently cannot get broadband via the phone line, then certainly give Alpha Broadband a call to see if they can get you on the Internet.

  1. PJ
    January 27, 2008 at 4:56 pm

    I\’ve been getting a pretty consistent 2 – 2.3 Mbps connection from Alpha Broadband since they installed it. I use http://www.speedtest.net/ to test my connections

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