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GPSCom v1.05 / IConnectionPointImplMT v1.01

February 8, 2008

Just to let everyone know that v1.05 of GPSCom and v1.01 of IConnectionPointImplMT has been released. Updates for this version include:

  • Updated copyright details.
  • GPSCom now internally uses v1.24 of CSerialPort.
  • Fixed a bug in CGPSConnection::MonitorThread in the correct use of CT2A.
  • How you implement the Fire_ methods as documented for IConnectionPointImplMP has been updated to refer to the need to serialize access to the "m_Clients" member variable which is accessed via the GetInterfaceAt method. The CProxy_IGPSConnectionEvents class in the GPSCom project and the IConnectionPointImplMT::GetInterfaceAt method have been updated to address this issue. Thanks to Michael Ford for reporting this bug.
  • The actual pointers which are stored on the internal IConnectionPointImplMP::m_Clients array are now "CComGITPtr<TSinkInterface>" heap pointers rather than actual stack instances. By doing this, the code now has explicit control over when and how copy constructors and operator= methods are being called as we add a element to the array. This avoids extra overhead as the interface pointer is being added to the GIT. It also addresses an issue where the cookie value which was being returned by Advise was actually incorrect due to the fact that a copy of the CComGITPtr was being added to the array. Thanks to Michael Ford for reporting this issue.
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