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Possible New Projects

September 15, 2008

Just thought I would publish the list of projects which are currently on my TO DO list.

  • Ongoing upgrade of all my code to support VC 2005 and later. I have about 40 of my projects which are still pending a review and upgrade to VC 2005/8. By doing this I will be able to take advantage of various enhancements such as better Unicode support, easier x64 support etc etc
  • CNTService enhancements: Update it to support new service features which have appeared on Vista / Windows 2008. Some of these new features are discussed by Kenny Kerr in the MSDN magazine at http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/magazine/cc164252.aspx
  • CPL++: Upgrade this framework which supports developing control panel applets to support Vista specific features. On Vista you can develop control panel applets as executables as opposed to DLLs. In addition there has been some breaking changes to how DLL implementations work.
  • DTime+: Currently this class framework depends on MFC. I plan to extend it to support inclusion in non MFC projects/environments. Two additional calendars which I intend to add support for are Coptic and Ethiopic calendars.
  • CShellLink & CURLShellLink: Rework the classes to support a more natural object model. In addition I intend to include support for IShellLinkDataList which is how shortcuts include support for features such as "Run as Administrator" and console options
  • Extend my CExceptionLogger framework to include support for handling errors from the VC 2005/8 Safe C Runtime
  • Develop a SSL socket class which uses the MS SSPI Schannel API’s instead of OpenSSL which is what my current CSSLSocket class encapsulates.
  • Develop a native mode timezone/daylight savings class framework. Ideas include basing it on the Olsen TZ database and/or the Windows registry. In addition my intention is to provide similar functionality to the PublicDomain or .NET v3.5 TimeZoneInfo classes. I would really appreciate readers feedback/opinions on the usefulness of this proposed code and the best way to progress this.
  • Research the Performance Library v2 framework introduced in Windows Vista / 2008 and possibly develop a class framework to allow its integration into projects such as those currently using the classes provided by ATL Server.
  • Develop a corollary CFileListControl GUI class similar to my existing CFileTreeControl class.
  • Implement some wrapping of the new IFilesInUse Vista API.

I’d appreciate peoples feedback on the list as well as any other areas which you think I could develop some useful C++ class encapsulations.

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  1. Unknown
    September 15, 2008 at 9:40 pm

    I am currently primarily using the CNTService class, so it\’s enhancements are most interesting to me (especially in light of Vista security enhancements).

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