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COSMCtrl v1.01

December 17, 2009

Just to let everyone know that v1.01 of COSMCtrl has been released. Updates for this version include:

  • Addition of a SetCenterPosition override method which allows the zoom level to be changed in one go along with the centre position of the map.
  • The control now handles a left mouse double click as a request to zoom in the map at the cursor position. This is consistent with how the main OpenStreetMap web site map operates
  • Addition of a GetPosition method which converts a client coordinates point into a latitude and longitude position
  • Code now allows previous zoom level images to be used in a stretched fashion if the tile does not exist at the current zoom level.
  • Code now allows next zoom level images to be used in a squeezed fashion if the tile does not exist at the current zoom level.
  • The DrawScaleBar method now takes user preferences as to whether they are using the Metric (Kilometres) or Imperial (Miles) system of measurement into account when drawing the scale
  • The DrawScaleBar method now displays a rounded scale value rather than the exact width of one tile
  • You can now customize the UserAgent string used by the class via the SetUserAgent method
  • You can now customize the ordering of which tiles are downloaded. By default the tiles which are closest to the centre of the map are downloaded first and the algorithm works outwards from there. If you prefer you can download using a simple download Y outer loop and a left to right inner loop. This behaviour can be changed via the SetDownloadOrder method.
  • The sample app now explicitly does not draw the scroll rose and zoom bar when the map is being printed.
  • By default the control now caches two additional rows/columns of tiles around the edge of the map in anticipation that the end user will scroll around the map. The number of additional row/columns which are cached in this mechanism can be configured via the new SetDownloadTilesEdgeCount method. If you were to use a value of 0, then only the tiles necessary to fully cover the visible client area will be downloaded.
  • The sample app now includes static MFC build configurations and the exe included in the download now pulls in MFC this way.
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