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Windows Live Blog SPAM

January 3, 2010

Just a note to let everyone know that due to all the Blog SPAM which has been appearing on my blog, that as of today, I have disabled comments to my blog. I’m sorry to have to do this, but the amount of SPAM being put on my blog plus the relative lack of control which Windows Live seems to be able to deploy to prevent this problem has forced my hand on this decision.

Going forward I may look at migrating my blog to a more mature server environment which puts more onus on SPAM control. I’ve heard good things about WordPress but have not looked into it in any detail. I would be interested in peoples feedback and their experience using the various platforms out there. Being free would be a bonus also. What ever path I decide to move to going forward it will probably need to provide some mechanism to import my existing Windows Live blog entries if possible so that the change over can be as smooth as possible. Again your advice and experience would be appreciated.

For those who need to contact me to give me feedback about any of my blog entries or if you have questions in general about any of the source code I release, please feel free to drop by my web site at www.naughter.com where you can send me a comment directly via the Ask PJ link or just use my standard email address as provided on the www.naughter.com home page.

Happy Coding,

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