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CPdh v1.12

April 10, 2010

Just to let everyone know that v1.12 of CPdh has been released. Updates for this version include:

  • Updated copyright details
  • Updated the project settings to more modern default values.
  • Reworked all the internal heap allocation code to use ATL::CHeapPtr
  • Refactored all the multi-sz parsing code into one method of CPdh
  • Reviewed some reported issues with CPdh::ParseInstanceName. The sample app now uses a string which should parse. Thanks to David Chaplin for reporting this issue.
  • Some of the methods in CPdhCounter and CPdhDataSource can allocate memory. These details are now encapsulated in AllocateMemory and DeallocateMemory methods, rather than exposing raw CRT pointers in the client API.
  • Verified there has been no further additions to PDH from the Windows 7 SDK
  • The code now only supports VC 2005 or later.
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