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MFCSensor v1.0

February 5, 2011

Just to let everyone know that v1.0 of MFCSensor has been released. These new set of classes make it a lot easier to use the COM based Sensors API which was introduced with Windows 7. Eventually I will be extending my COSMCtrl classes to support Windows 7 sensors in addition to the authors own GPSCom2 libraries. These classes are the first step to achieving this. Here’s a high level feature list for these new classes:

  • Provides a higher level wrapping for the ISensorManager, ISensorManagerEvents, ISensor, ISensorEvents and ISensorDataReport COM interfaces. These interfaces are wrapped using ATL’s CComPtr class
  • Provides prebuilt events classes both for the manager and sensor meaning you do not need to write your own IUnknown implementation. The classes provided mean you can implement just the callback methods you require. To hook up eventing all you need to call is the appropriate SetEventSink method in the appropriate wrapper class
  • Provides a high level wrapping of sensor data types meaning that you can call a simple function which returns say the current latitude position. Client code does not need to worry about those messy PROPVARIANT unions or PROPERTYKEY’s
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