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W3Mfc v1.98 / CWSocket v1.35

November 27, 2014

Just to let everyone know that v1.98 of W3Mfc & v1.35 of CWSocket has been released. Updates for this version include:

  • Removed CWSocket methods which were deprecated in previous versions of the code.
  • Updated the class to clean compile on VC 2013 Update 3 and higher .
  • Updated the code to use the Author’s SSLWrappers classes (http://www.naughter.com/sslwrappers.html) to provide the SSL functionality for W3MFC instead of OpenSSL. Please note that the the W3MFC code when in SSL mode depends on the author’s CryptoWrappers classes (http://www.naughter.com/cryptowrappers.html) also. You will need to download both of these libraries and copy their modules into the the W3MFC directory. Also note that the SSLWrappers and CryptoWrapper classes are only supported on VC 2013 or later and this means that the W3MFC SSL support is only supported when you compile with VC 2013 or later. The solution files included in the W3MFC download are now for VC 2013.
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