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CPJNSNTPClient v1.15

April 6, 2015

Just to let everyone know that v1.15 of CPJNSNTPClient has been released. Updates for this version include:

  • Updated the code to clean compile on VC 2010 and later
  • Updated the code to compile with the latest version of the CWSocket class
  • Removed all the code which refers to a proxy connection
  • Updated the code to operate optionally independent of MFC. If the preprocessor value "CWSOCKET_MFC_EXTENSTIONS" is not defined then the SNTP code will not use MFC, while if it is defined then the code will use MFC. This preprocessor value is used to control the MFC mode of the CWSocket class.
  • CPJNSNTPClient::SetClientTime now preserves the last error value and the sample app now reports this value.
  • Optimized the implementation of CPJNNTPTime::MsToNtpFraction, NtpFractionToMs & NtpFractionToSecond methods. These optimizations have got rid of the the need for the previous m_MsToNTP lookup table.
  • Reworked the CPJNNTPTime::CPJNNTPTime(const SYSTEMTIME& st) constructor to use SystemTimeToFileTime Windows API
  • Reworked the CPJNNTPTime::operator SYSTEMTIME() method to use FileTimeToSystemTime Windows API
  • The sample app now displays the stratum and leap indicator values from the received SNTP response.
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