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CEnumerateSerial v1.28

December 20, 2015

Just to let everyone know that v1.28 of CEnumerateSerial has been released. Updates for this version include:

  • Updated copyright details.
  • Updated the code to compile cleanly on VC 2015.
  • Reworked CEnumerateSerial::UsingComDB method to statically link to msports.dll.
  • Reworked CEnumerateSerial::UsingSetupAPI1 method to statically link to setupapi.dll.
  • Reworked CEnumerateSerial::UsingSetupAPI2 method to statically linke to setupapi.dll.
  • Removed now unnecessary CEnumerateSerial::LoadLibraryFromSystem32 method.
  • Added SAL annotations to all the code.
  • Removed call to VerifyVersionInfo from CEnumerateSerial::UsingQueryDosDevice.
  • CEnumerateSerial::UsingCreateFile now use ATL::CHandle instead of CAutoHandle.
  • CEnumerateSerial::UsingQueryDosDevice now uses ATL::CHeapPtr instead of CAutoHeapAlloc.
  • CEnumerateSerial::UsingSetupAPI2 now uses ATL::CHeapPtr instead of CAutoHeapAlloc.
  • CEnumerateSerial::UsingEnumPorts now uses ATL::CHeapPtr instead of CAutoHeapAlloc.
  • CEnumerateSerial::UsingWMI now uses ATL::CW2A instead of CAutoHeapAlloc.
  • CEnumerateSerial::UsingComDB now uses ATL::CHeapPtr instead of CAutoHeapAlloc.
  • CEnumerateSerial::UsingWMI now uses ATL::CComPtr & ATL::CComVariant.
  • Removed AutoHandle.h, AutoHeapAlloc.h & AutoHModule.h from distribution as these modules are no longer required by enumser.
  • CEnumerateSerial::UsingSetupAPI1 now uses ATL::CRegKey.
  • CEnumerateSerial::UsingSetupAPI2 now uses ATL::CRegKey.
  • CEnumerateSerial::UsingRegistry now uses ATL::CRegKey.
  • CEnumerateSerial::RegQueryValueString now uses ATL::CRegKey.
  • The return value from CEnumerateSerial::UsingWMI is now a HRESULT instead of a BOOL.
  • CEnumerateSerial::UsingEnumPorts now returns the friendly name of the port.
  • Fixed an issue calling EnumPorts the first time in CEnumerateSerial::UsingEnumPorts.
  • Simplified the declaration of parameters to the various methods of the class.
  • CEnumerateSerial::UsingSetupAPI1 and CEnumerateSerial::UsingSetupAPI2 have been refactored to use a new internal method called "QueryUsingSetupAPI".
  • CEnumerateSerial::UsingSetupAPI2 now uses GUID_DEVINTERFACE_SERENUM_BUS_ENUMERATOR define.
  • Renamed all the NO_ENUMSERIAL_* defines to NO_CENUMERATESERIAL_*.
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