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SocksSvc v1.06

February 10, 2017

Just to let everyone know that v1.06 of SocksSvc has been released. Updates for this version include:

  • Updated copyright details.
  • Replaced BOOL with bool throughout codebase
  • Replaced NULL with nullptr throughout codebase
  • Updated the code to compile cleanly in VC 2013 – 2015. The code now requires at a minimum VC 2013
  • Updated the code to handle IPv6 Socks v5 support
  • Added SAL annotations to all the code
  • Fixed up logic in CSocksClient::DoSocks5Negotiation to pick an appropriate socks5 client method
  • Reworked all CSocksSocket::Read methods to avoid the use of "new".
  • Updated all the CSocksSocket::Read methods to handle WSAEWOULDBLOCK errors.
  • Updated CSocksClient::Relay method to handle WSAEWOULDBLOCK errors.
  • Updated CSocksClient::SendConnectionResponsev5 method to return bound server address and port number in IPv4 and IPv6 connection responses.
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