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CScintillaCtrl, CScintillaView & CScintillaDoc v1.41

March 4, 2017

Just to let everyone know that v1.41 of CScintillaCtrl, CScintillaView & CScintillaDoc has been released. Updates for this version include:

  • Updated copyright details
  • Updated class to work with Scintilla v3.7.3. The only change to support this version was to have now no return value from the SetSelection and AddSelection methods
  • Updated the download to include the correct VC 2010 project files. Thanks to Kenny Lau for reporting this issue.
  • Reworked the CScintillaView::OnActivateView to change the find / replace dialog owner to correctly handle cases where there are multiple top level scintilla views in your application. Thanks to to Kenny Lau for reporting this issue.
  • Refactored the logic in CScintillaView::OnDestroy which decides if the find / replace dialog should be destroyed into a new virtual ShouldDestroyFindReplaceDialog method.
  • Implemented a WM_NCDESTROY message handler for the find / replace dialog. This helps avoid problems where you would sometimes get an ASSERT thrown from CScintillaView::AssertValid. The code to validate the find / replace dialog has also been removed from CScintillaView::AssertValid. Thanks to Kenny Lau for reporting this issue.
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