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CScintillaCtrl, CScintillaView & CScintillaDoc v1.43

June 12, 2017

Just to let everyone know that v1.43 of CScintillaCtrl, CScintillaView & CScintillaDoc has been released. Updates for this version include:

  • Updated class to work with Scintilla v3.7.5. New messages wrapped include: SCI_GETCARETLINEFRAME, SCI_SETCARETLINEFRAME & SCI_LINEREVERSE
  • Made _SCINTILLA_EDIT_STATE class available in ScintillaDocView.h and renamed it to "CScintillaEditState". Thanks to Michael Thompson for requesting this addition.
  • Updated CScintillaView::FindTextSimple to track the initial position and restart searches from the beginning (or end if searching backwards) until the original start position was located. Thanks to Michael Thompson for provided this nice addition.
  • Updated the demo app included in the download to show how CScintillaView::CreateControl can be used. Thanks to Michael Thompson for prompting this update.
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