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SQLiteWrappers v1.08

August 20, 2017

Just to let everyone know that v1.08 of SQLiteWrappers has been released. Updates for this version include:

  • Updated the code to compile against SQLite 3.20.0. Added support for sqlite3_set_last_insert_rowid, sqlite3_prepare_v3, sqlite3_prepare16_v3, sqlite3_bind_pointer & sqlite3_value_pointer.
  • Updated the demo app to consistently use prefix increment for iterators in for loops.
  • Updated the demo app to compile cleanly when SQLITE3WRAPPERS_NO_WCHAR_T_SUPPORT is defined.
  • Updated the code to compile cleanly with the winsqllite3.h header file in versions of the Windows SDK v10.0.10586, v10.0.14393, v10.0.15063 & v10.0.16232.
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