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COSMCtrl v1.27

October 1, 2017

Just to let everyone know that v1.27 of COSMCtrl has been released. Updates for this version include:

  • Removed an unused local variable from the COSMCtrl::Draw method. Thanks to Bart Duijndam for reporting this issue.
  • Reimplemented the D2D version of COSMCtrl::DrawTileNotAvailable to draw a bitmap. Thanks to Bart Duijndam for reporting this issue.
  • Added a Reset Map Orientation menu item to the sample app for the D2D code path
  • Rotating the map now uses "true angles" around the map centre. So you can "grab" a point and turn it where you want it to be. Thanks to Bart Duijndam for reporting this issue.
  • Replaced CSortedArray usage throughout the code with std::vector.
  • Eliminated raw new call from COSMCtrl::SetCacheDirectory.
  • Removed the usage of the CCompareCOSMCtrlCachedTileCleanupItem, CCompareCOSMCtrlCachedTileCleanupItem2, CCompareCOSMCtrlCachedTilePosition & CCompareCOSMCtrlDownloadTileItem functors throughout the code and replaced with lambdas.
  • Implemented a zoom to selection rectangle in the demo app.
  • Fixed an issue in COSMCtrl::HandleLButtonDownStandard, COSMCtrl::OnMouseMove, COSMCtrl::OnChar & COSMCtrl::OnMouseWheel where an incorrect animation duration value was being used.
  • Reworked the GPX import code to apply a red to blue color gradient for the track stroke to indicate speed at that time. Please note that this support was only added to the D2D code path.
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