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BITSWrappers v1.05

October 29, 2017

Just to let everyone know that v1.05 of BITSWrappers has been released. Updates for this version include:

  • Implemented support for IBackgroundCopyCallback2 via new CCallback2 class.
  • Implemented support for IBackgroundCopyCallback3 via new CCallback3 class.
  • Implemented support for IBackgroundCopyFile5 via new CFile5 class.
  • Implemented support for IBackgroundCopyFile6 via new CFile6 class.
  • Fixed an issue in CJobHttpOptions::GetClientCertificate where the wrapper code did not correctly handle a S_FALSE return value from the low level API.
  • Fixed an issue in CJob::SetNotifyInterface related to getting IUnknown interface prior to passing to calling SetNotifyInterface low level API.
  • Replaced NULL with nullptr throughout the codebase. This means that the code now requires VC 2010 at a minimum to compile.
  • Replaced BOOL throughout the codebase with bool.
  • Replaced CString::operator LPC*STR() calls with CString::GetString calls.
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