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SCardWrappers v1.06

November 12, 2017

Just to let everyone know that v1.06 of SCardWrappers has been released. Updates for this version include:

  • Renamed the CSCARDWRAPPERS_MFC_EXTENSIONS define to "SCARDWRAPPERS_MFC_EXTENSIONS" to be consistent with the author’s other code.
  • Replaced CString::operator LPC*STR() calls with CString::GetString calls
  • Replaced NULL with nullptr throughout the codebase. This means that the code now requires VC 2010 at a minimum to compile.
  • Replaced BOOL with bool throughout the codebase.
  • Removed unnecessary AccessStartedEvent & ReleaseStartedEvent methods from CContext
  • Updated parameters to CContext::GetProviderName & CContext2::GetProviderName to match the SDK
  • Removed redundant CCard & CCard2 methods which call CContext::GetAttrib
  • Reviewed all the SAL annotations to make sure they are in sync with the latest Windows 10 SDK
  • Reviewed the code and made sure it supports everything in the latest Windows 10 SDK
  • Moved IntToHex, HexToInt, BinaryToString, AttributeBinaryToString, AttributeBinaryStringToString, AttributeASCIIBinaryStringToString & StringToBinary functions from SCardWrappers.h to the test.cpp demo app module.
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