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DTime+ v3.22

Just to let everyone know that v3.22 of DTime+ has been released. Updates for this version include:

  • Updated copyright details
  • Fix compile problems in CLTimeOfDay::GetWindowsFormatString in VC 2017
  • Removed defunct dmod method.
  • Fixed a bug in CDate::GetWindowsFormatString where it was calling a non existent String::GetLength method
  • Made CLDate::GetWindowsFormatString method publicly accessible
  • Made layout of CLTimeSpan::GetWindowsFormatString parameters consistent with the other GetWindowsFormatString implementations.
  • Fixed a bug in CLTimeSpan::GetWindowsFormatString related to leading zeros for the hour value.
  • Replaced GetLocaleInfo Win32 API call with GetLocaleInfoEx.
  • Replaced GetDateFormat Win32 API call with GetDateFormatEx.
  • Replaced GetTimeFormat Win32 API call with GetTimeFormatEx.
  • Introduced a new CLLTimeOfDay class which represents a time of day as a double.
  • Introduced a new CLLDate class which represents a time stamp as a double. This provides a sub second accuracy unlike CLDate which only provides an accuracy of 1 second.
  • Introduced a new CLLTimeSpan class which represents the time difference between two CLLDate instances.
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