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Broadband Update, FTTH at last!

October 23, 2018

Finally, as of October 2018, I now have a 1Gb Fibre To The Home (FTTH) package with Eir. The speed of the package is amazing and I have a custom built 2U pfSense router bought from ComputerPlanet.co.uk instead of the Eir supplied F2000 device to do the routing for the connection. I have been following the build out of the Rural FTTH network from Eir over the last few months on boards.ie and it finally arrived in my local village this summer. The fibre cable was brought in overhead from a telegraph pole just in front of my house to the gable of my house and the engineer did a really neat job hiding the cable behind the facia board before it went inside the house. The cost is €70 per month and there is no downloads limits but there is a fair usage policy. I have also requested a static IP address from Eir. Prior to getting FTTH I have also ported my landline to VoIP a number of months ago and that is with IrishVoip.com.

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