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DTime+ v3.23

November 13, 2018

Just to let everyone know that v3.23 of DTime+ has been released. Updates for this version include:

  • Fixed a number of C++ core guidelines compiler warnings. These changes mean that the code will now only compile on VC 2017 or later on Windows.
  • Replaced enum with enum class throughout the codebase.
  • The code now allows construction of a CLTimeOfDay and CLLTimeOfDay which represents a time of day of 23:59:60 which occurs when a UTC leap second occurs. Please note that if your OS exposes the concept of a leap second, then DTime+ will be able to accept this value, but roundtripping back to hours, minutes and seconds will give back midnight for the next day. Also note that timespan calculations will ignore leap seconds. If you would like to accurately calculate timespans taking into account leap seconds, then please see the author’s AA+ framework at http://www.naughter.com/aa.html
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