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FOStation v1.07

January 14, 2021

Just to let everyone know that v1.07 of FOStation has been released. Updates for this version include:

  • Addition of a new ResetUsingYKUSHXS service configuration value. This is a REG_DWORD value and setting this value to 1, the service will use the author’s CYKUSHXSDevice code to power off and power back on the weather station using the YEPKIT YKUSH XS Switchable USB Hub when the code detects the USB lockup bug on the weather station. Please note that to use this feature, you must have a YEPKIT YKUSH switchable USB hub connected to the computer on which FOStation is installed, the weather station should be connected to the YKUSH USB hub and there should not be any batteries installed in the weather station console. Using this device and the author’s code, the FOStation service can now automatically handle the infamous USB lockup bug associated with Fine Offset Compatible Weather Stations.
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