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AA+ v2.34

August 20, 2021

Just to let everyone know that v2.34 of AA+ has been released. Updates for this version include:

  • Fixed a bug in CAARiseTransitSet2::CalculateMoon in the calculation of the H0 value. In the book Meeus uses the value +0.125 degrees for the Moon, but this value is not correct in the context of the CAARiseTransitSet2 class as this class already takes diurnal parallax of the Moon into account. Instead the H0 value is now calculated with a new formula which provides more accurate times of Moon Rise and Set. Thanks to Stephen F. Booth for reporting these bug.
  • The CAARiseTransitSet2::CalculateMoon method now includes a new RefractionAtHorizon parameter. This value defaults to -0.5667 and corresponds to the amount of atmospheric refraction to use at the moment of Moon rise or set. Note that the actual H0 value for the Moon is not constant and is calculated from this value in this method using the apparent semidiameter of the Moon.
  • Updated the CAARiseTransitSet2::CalculateMoon method to support the ELP2000 and ELPMPP02 theories in addition to the Meeus ELP2000 truncated algorithms.
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