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AA+ v2.36

September 12, 2021

Just to let everyone know that v2.36 of AA+ has been released. Updates for this version include:

  • Updated the g_DeltaTValues lookup table to use observed DeltaT values to 9 September 2021 and predicted values to 17 September 2022 from https://cddis.nasa.gov/archive/products/iers/finals2000A.all.
  • Removed the Height parameter from the CAARiseTransitSet2::Calculate & CalculateMoon methods. Instead now if you want to calculate times of rise or set at different altitudes you should send in an adjusted h0 parameter. For example you could use the following formulae to adjust for the Sun: double H0 = -0.8333 – CAACoordinateTransformation::RadiansToDegrees(acos(6371008 / (6371008 + Height)))
    where Height is the altitude above sea-level in meters. Thanks to Stephen F. Booth for reporting this issue.
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