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AA+ v2.46

October 1, 2022

Just to let everyone know that v2.46 of AA+ has been released. Updates for this version include:

  • Updated the CAAElliptical::Calculate method which takes a Object parameter to return the following additional values: TrueGeocentricRectangularEcliptical, TrueHeliocentricEclipticalLongitude, TrueHeliocentricEclipticalLatitude, TrueHeliocentricDistance, TrueGeocentricEclipticalLongitude, TrueGeocentricEclipticalLatitude, TrueGeocentricDistance, TrueLightTime, TrueGeocentricRA & TrueGeocentricDeclination.
  • Renamed CAAEllipticalPlanetaryDetails::ApparentGeocentricLongitude to ApparentGeocentricEclipticalLongitude.
  • Renamed CAAEllipticalPlanetaryDetails::ApparentGeocentricLatitude to ApparentGeocentricEclipticalLatitude.
  • Fixed an issue in CAAElliptical::Calculate method which takes a Object parameter when the Object parameter is the Sun and the code is attempting to calculate the apparent position of the Sun.
  • Added support to CAAPlanetaryPhenomena2::Calculate for MinimumDistance and MaximumDistance event types. The demo application has been updated to show the closest approach of Jupiter on 7th October 1963 UT at 3.952 AU, the closest approach of 26th September 2022 UTC at 3.952 AU and the closest approach of 6th October 2129 UT at 3.948 AU.
  • Updated the g_DeltaTValues lookup table to use observed DeltaT values to 29 September 2022 and predicted values to 7 October 2023 from https://cddis.nasa.gov/archive/products/iers/finals2000A.all.
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