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CServerMailslot & CClientMailslot v1.16

May 10, 2015

Just to let everyone know that v1.16 of CServerMailslot and CClientMailslot has been released. Updates for this version include:

  • Updated copyright details.
  • Updated the project settings to more modern defaults
  • Removed all unnecessary TRACE calls
  • Made the classes into a header only implementation
  • Updated the code to clean compile on VC 2013
  • Reworked the CServerMailslot::Open and CClientMailslot::Open to provide the full mailslot name as its first parameter. This allows the class to avoid the use of CString
  • Addition of a CServerMailslot::GetInfo method which encapsulates GetMailslotInfo.
  • Removed the CServerMailslot::MessageWaiting, MessageCount, SizeOfWaitingMessage, MaximumMessageSize, GetCreationTime, GetLastAccessTime & GetLastWriteTime methods
  • Added SAL annotations to all the code
  • Reworked the CServerMailslot::Read method to use a pointer for returning the number of bytes read
  • Reworked the CClientMailslot::Write method to use a pointer for returning the number of bytes write
  • Replaced all ASSERT calls with ATLASSERT. This means that the class can now be used without the need to pull in MFC
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